Black people matter too

Black live’s matter to you know. I hate how people treat coloured people it’s like we are back in the older days where white people owned coloured people and that shit is wrong you know. Be nice for once in your life. From Confessions of an everyday girl


I have always been one to make people laugh and smile but while I am making people happy I’m dying from the inside. Mental health is real and it is not nice to live with trust me. All I want is a life without eating disorders, a life without monsters in my head.  Just for once, I would like to be a normal teen but dreams are free ain’t they? From Confessions of an everyday girl

how people treat other people

My father doesn’t make my decision on what I do, I make my own as a 17-year-old because your kids are good doesn’t mean I have to. Kinda getting sick of how people treat my father aye cut him some slack, he has enough going on, he doesn’t want to hear what you have to say about us. Okay From Confessions of an everyday girl

looking through my eye’s

Have you even just laid on the grass and looked up at the passing clouds? It put’s everything into perspective. Thinking while laying there about everything and getting some me-time is great. You should try it sometime on a fine sunny day. I would but I have school and you don’t get much time outside with learning in a class witch is so boring on a fine sunny day, all I want to do is run out of class and lay under a tree while looking up at the sky. I think high school should have classes outside while the weather is gorgeous, don’t you? From confessions of an everyday girl


Why do you treat us young adult (16-20) like we are children, that we never learn? Well, news flash we learn as you do. Start treating us as young adults as for then we can learn to become adults by your ways and wisdom. I get so pissed off we adults treat me like I am 5 years old like bro I am 17 years old only 1 year away from 18 years old and I would like to be treated as an adult as for when I leave home I would know what to do. From confessions of an everyday girl hi

Teenage mother’s

With all the teenage mum’s I know 2 out of 3 are still with the baby daddy, meaning 1 teenage mother is to fend for herself. I have always wanted and still want to a mother before my 18th birthday, I know people have told me before I should live my life and I say to that what life I have never had a life and will never so why not start my family young but for that teenage mother who is not with the baby daddy you can do it, yes it may be hard but you will get through it as I believe in you. A man should stand up and be a father no matter what age you are. From Confessions of an everyday girl

Dreams are who we can become


We all need a little help with our dreams. My dreams where about becoming known in this world as an actress but with time I knew that I wouldn’t happen and then I wanted to help the people who need it most and still do but my dream of becoming known in this world is still there but with a different way via writing books and I want to write a book that could help the people who need it the most. Only as a 17-year-old, I want to do good in this world as I understand what most people have been through. I have this one dream that I want to come true and it is to become rich, so I can help the people of my country, to give them hope of a better life. Like I said, “Dreams are who we can become”. From confessions of an everyday girl

My body is MY body

I can wear nail polish and I can blue hair dye in my hair. NO one has the right to tell me what I can and can not do with MY own body. I will keep dip dying my hair blue, you can’t stop me as you have no right to have a say about my body and what I do. So before you open your mouth to say “I can’t do that” well be prepared to be met with a smart-ass comment as this is my body, not your’s. From confessions of an everyday girl

High school

Someone told me that we don’t need to go to school to get the life that we want. I dropped out of high school in year 11 and ended up back the same school for year 12, I dislike the school I am at and would rather be on a farm learning first hand. where I can dress how I like. I don’t have to deal with the idiot males at that school if I leave again, but if I leave again what will that say about me. it is just that school is hard for me and I don’t understand it, none of it. I will not ask for help. From confessions of an everyday girl

overcoming an eating disorder

2019 was hard for me as I had an eating disorder. Now the second month into 2020 I am slowly overcoming that eating disorder, I have to say “yes at times my mind will try to go back to that eating disorder as a way to help with stress” but I have to keep getting better for me. I am with Taine and this time my eating disorder hasn’t got worse and for the first time, I want to get better for the life I have ahead of me with Taine. Taine has given me hope and a reason to get better. From confessions of an everyday girl